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’To discover new relationships among signs, things, actions, and thoughts is one indication that design is not merely a technical specialization but a new liberal art.’ (Buchanan, 1992)

Renata Dezso is a Doctoral Research Fellow at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest (MOME) Doctoral school and Assistant Lecturer at MOME. In her doctoral research she examines the methodological approach of Research through Design with a reflective and philosophic dimension of Critical Disability Studies. Her work points to the junctures where technology, bodies, and cultural theory intersect to understand the unconscious elements in posthuman transformations.

Since 2016, Renata has been working as a Research Associate of the MOME Digital Craft Lab supervised by Akos Lipoczki DLA, head of laboratory and associate professor at MOME. Her research experience includes Critical Technical Practice (CTP) on use of technology and the design of technology grounded in Digital Craft. Among her works there is the focus on “data physicalization” and “physical visualization” through 3D scanning / 3D modelling and Digital Fabrication. Her 2018/2019 research on the intersection of New Craft and Reflective Practice is supported by the UNKP-18-3-i-mome-9 new national excellence program of the ministry of human capacities of Hungary.

Mome Doktori Iskola

Critical Theory throughout Design, Art+Science and Disability Studies

Lecture at University of Applied Arts Vienna, Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, 

28th of November 2019: 12-13:30 SE 21

The flow of Critical Thinking in general with a set of methods aimed at exploring evidence in a particular way. What is the different in Academic setting from everyday life? What are the barriers of Critical thinking? What Critical Design can add to the discussion? What is reality for sale theory? How can be distinguished a good or bad critical design? 
Follow with some thought and international example on relationship between Art and Science. (Sci+Art, Art+Sci, Research+Design,Science+Materiality)
The presentation is concluded with an experimental approach of Research through Design in Critical Disability Studies exploring philosophical and strategic possibilities to understand the concept of co-Ability. 



2020 Emerging Scholar Award Recipients at the Fourteenth International Conference on Design Principles & Practices / Special Focus: 2020 Special Focus – Advocacy in Design: Engagement, Commitment, and Action/ Pratt Insitute, Brooklyn, New York, United States