photographs : Kudász Gábor Arion

Installation by Renata Dezso & Reka Kristof
for the ‘Act Responsibly for Your Own BodyAVON Charity Exhibition’
13-21 December 2011, Budapest (H)

Did you know that every 12th woman is affected by breast cancer?
Did you know that diagnosing it early diminishes the mortality rate of patients by 30%?

In order to diagnose the illness at an early stage, regular self-examination and, above 45, regular mammography screenings are essential. In Hungary, 40% of women belonging to the most endangered group do not attend recurrent screenings.* Together we can make a difference!

After the event, 24 artists – fashion designers, designers, fine artists – shaped the mannequins into works of art, while taking on the original message. Those interested can take a look at the mannequins between 13 and 21 December at Arena Plaza, while the creations are going to be auctioned through the auction site “”. The new owners are not only going to own valuable and interesting artworks, but support the fight against breast cancer: the money raised will be offered to the Hungarian League against Cancer.

*Data were provided by the Hungarian League against Cancer

photo Bujnovszky Tamás

2010 spring / Rácz Thermal Spa

Installation – Successful Projects conference
organised by defo
As a member of a creative team build contemporary installation.


photo Bujnovszky Tamás

2010 | N&N gallery

Installation – Communication & Identity Conference
organised by defo and SUGAR
As a member of a creative team build contemporary installation.