University of Applied Arts Vienna

Institutes involved

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Csillagház Primary School

The program of the workshop

During the course the relation with Disabilities is primarily determined by the specific user circle: Budapest III. The Csillagház Primary School, which operates in Budapest and performs the education and teaching of children with multiply disability. Special thanks for the co-working organized by Barbara Horváthné Illés  director and Anita Takár communication.

Sensitivity training

transformative learning strategies

Disability research /critical studies

Discussions and Sensitivity Games, Design Discourse and  presentations

Visiting Csillagház Elementary School

Discussions and visiting different classes/ rotational 3 group

Design Thinking Lead Developing Ideas

Sharing Inspiration, Desktop Research, Brainstorming, Mixing groups, Evaluating Ideas, Sketching / modelling, Presentation

Prototyping and Validation

FabLab Budapest /  Workshop and modelling