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MOME TechPark

Students: Kurzushét 2019/2020 spring semester

Clay 3D printing

A week-long interdisciplinary workshop combining the material data, students, and 3D printing technology. The university students for MOME Design Institute explored the new Clay 3D printer of the university lab. The goal was to experiment and testing the machine. Also, to interact before/during/after the printing process with the clay material. 

Hanna Buja, Carcass James, Martina Kovács, László Barnabás Piskóti, Pálma Zsófia Rabatin, Dániel Szebik, Luca Rebeka Szorg, Dorottya Vértessy 

The workshop was facilitated and managed by Renata Dezso, supported on clay related expertise by Zsuzsa Bokor and the engineering background was managed by Kovacs N. Feci.

MOME TechPark/Two Digital Labor and Ceramic workshop