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Masters supervision for

James Carcass | FUTUREFACE

The original goals of the FutureFace project were to explore how modern technology and world events could lead to an alteration in Human appearance and ,secondly, to contrast and intergrate a number of materials and techniques in a single object with each material serving a specific function.

James Carcass main concept

As James already have a presence in traditional galleries He is ultimately displayed his work and communicate the associated ideas primarily through digital media in the early COVID pandemic.

Based on an imaginary scenario of environmental degradation and Humankinds subsequent retreat to an existence underground, James Carcass in his work wished to illustrate the possible stages of evolution Humanity could achieve.

Inspiration from co-Ability

In his third semester, he completed a course on co-Ability studies where the university students were introduced to concepts such as Critical Design, Speculative Design and Design Fiction. Design Fiction involves the creation of prototypes to illustrate possible scenarios of the near future. 

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